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About Oakcraft

Oakcraft Furniture Craftsmen



Since 1986, Oakcraft has been manufacturing quality all wood furniture, with a mission to build designs of timeless quality and craftsmanship that are both long-lasting and a superior value. Oakcraft Furniture is a locally owned and operated fine hardwood furniture manufacturing company nestled in beautiful Corvallis, Oregon.

Oakcraft Furniture Sustainability



Oakcraft Furniture is constructed by hand with careful attention to detail and is engineered to last.  We are proud to use solid quarter-sawn oak, Oregon alder, hickory and maple.  NO PARTICLE BOARD! Our durable materials are locally sourced and made in America.  Our furniture is an honest and unbeatable value.


Oakcraft's dedication to sustainability is apparent throughout the build process and design. Our Furniture is finished earth friendly finishes with low VOC stains and paints. We use Lacquer finishes because they are durable, they dry fast and do not pollute the atmosphere like Oil base solvents. 

Oakcraft is committed to keeping our carbon foot-print low and maintaining the green that is here in the pacific northwest.

Here's how we achieve that: 

  • Our furniture is built solid so it travels well, every piece is wrapped in reusable blankets and ties which protects the furniture from damages. This eliminates the need for cardboard and foam which creates environmental waste. 

  • We recycle all our wood scraps with a local wood recycler, our recycled wood makes "chip pieces" that are used for particle board for other companies. 

  • All our plywood is formaldehyde-free, to maintain safe, natural and long-lasting furniture.


We are proud to do our part in keeping our world green!

Oakcraft Furniture Quality

Timeless Quality

Quality Promise 

At Oakcraft we are committed to creating quality and affordable bedroom and office furniture. By using distinctive and durable materials, timely designs, trusted hand-crafted furniture and top notch service, our furniture is sure to meet your needs for many years to come.

We are confident that you will love our collection of solid American-made furniture.

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